Monday, October 27, 2008

A Whole New Mind

When we were first given A Whole New Mind, by Daniel Pink, I looked at the cover and silently scoffed at the possible contents. The tag line, "Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future," seemed a stretch. While I don't consider myself entirely left or right-brained, I have been around people who claim to be "right-brained" enough to know why they may have a challenge ruling. Sadly, the book sat on my bookshelf and collected dust for about two months. I picked it up earlier this month, and I admit, I have had a hard time putting it down! Daniel Pink's exploration of the two sides of the brain and the roles they play in our thinking, and more importantly, the complementary roles they play, has been eye-opening. He discusses the importance of how we must make a leap to engage in activities that strengthens, as he puts it, R-directed thinking. I am only into the third of the six senses we need to enhance, but I am finding myself viewing and seeing many things differently already. Daniel Pink will be in Virginia Beach to speak to VBCPS educators on December 4th. It is my hope this marks a change in thinking about how we will be educating our students.

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