Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Portfolio Project- Update #1

Exciting news! I created a wiki on Wikispaces for the pioneers in my building who have agreed to work on implementing an online portfolio project with their students. So far, I have had one teacher create her account and post a reply to the discussion board. We are taking small steps, and I am trying not to get over-zealous and inundate them with too much, but at the very least I posted a Common Craft wiki video to give them some background on what a wiki is. I also hope this experience with a wiki will provide the impetus for implementing wikis with their students. I couldn't help but mention how this could be integrated in their curriculums and urged them to think towards that as we used the wiki to plan our projects. Right now, we are all using one space to plan, but I am guessing that as we progress, we will need to divide into smaller groups that are more specific to their subject areas. I hope that this will begin an evolution towards top-notch technology integration at the Tech Center!

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