Thursday, August 13, 2009

Starting Fresh

After a great summer break, Vo-Tech 2.0 is roaring and already running! Our teachers come back at the beginning of August, which is different from the regular schools' teachers, which is a great way for me to find substantial time to plan with them before the school year starts. There are many great things in store for our building this year, and I am excited about implementing them. In order to achieve the goals I have in mind, I am making them public. Hold me accountable, people!

  1. Create a school technology wiki to be used to collaborate across the building so teachers can see how technology is being used and how it can be used in their classrooms. FYI: the PBWorks Summer Camp is highly beneficial. Definitely recommended!
  2. Meet with each program each quarter to plan for ways to use technology in their learning plans.
  3. Expand online portfolio project to include more programs and possibly two different platforms to allow for student choice.
  4. Promote Notebook 10 software, Smartboards, and Airliners.
  5. Train teachers on Google SketchUp as an option for creating visual plans for projects.
  6. Implement the Preschool Wiki project with ECE.
  7. Hold optional training sessions that correlate with the Technology Tool of the Week.