Friday, December 18, 2009

Coffee, Cookies, and Conversation

My goal after the new year is to begin a conversation that starts with a cup of coffee and some cookies. I have often held optional training sessions that look familar-- a small group of teachers in my lab, sitting at a computer, looking at the projector, maybe leaving with a new idea from what I had to offer.  But lately, I have been feeling like there is a need for something more.  Something more meaningful and more regular and when you add coffee and cookies to the mix, so much more comfortable!

My thought is to start a learning series that is established through educational professionals in the building sharing conversations.  It will not be a vent session or a formal training session.  I envision it more like a coffee house (minus the trendy couches and jazz music... well, we may be able to do something about the music...).  I would like to see us sharing with each other about what has worked and what has not worked in our classrooms.  I would like to share great technology ideas (minus the "training" feel) and other effective classroom strategies (such as Kagan, etc.) so that we can begin to grow together effectively as a building and become better educators.

I feel something like this could complement the PLC process that is in its early stages quite nicely.  Through the conversations had in this learning series, I can see the beginnings of the conversations that would occur in our PLCs. It will be interesting to see if this informal environment of teachers gathering to share best practices and enjoying professional conversations would generate more interest than any of my former optional training sessions. 

I'm hoping to get this off of the ground in January!

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