Friday, October 16, 2009

Timeliner XE Updated

Today was a great day at the Tech Center! Early Childhood students really produced stellar work on their timelines for child development. The students chose a “birthday” for a child in the year 2004 and then charted that child's developmental milestones through age 6. They added categories to help distinguish between the types of development. After they were finished, they printed them out and mounted them on construction paper, so they can be displayed and used as review tools.
I am going to try to be more specific with my teachers and with my posts when it comes to using this in a technical school classroom. I send an email each week with a tool or strategy, and I thought that maybe giving specific examples would help them visualize using it in their classroom. So here it goes!

Here’s what was great about this assignment:

  1. The students had to think critically to determine at what date the child would be experiencing a specific developmental milestone.
  2. The students had to categorize the types of milestones.
  3. The students are able to visually understand how a child grows and develops—through the timeline and through adding images.
  4. It only took about 1 hour!

Here’s how I think other programs here at the Tech Center can easily use this powerful program:

  1. Nursing students can track a disease’s progression or the steps in patient care procedures.
  2. Culinary students can map out the steps in a difficult recipe or create a timeline for a catering event to stay organized.
  3. Construction, Welding, and HVAC students can create a sequence for any steps in building/fixing anything.
  4. Public Safety students can create the timeline of a crime scene or an accident to understand the progression of events, or they can create a sequence for procedure of a traffic stop.
  5. Landscaping/Turf students can create a timeline of plants that grow best during each month or can create a sequence for growing/caring for plants or creating landscape designs.
  6. Auto Body students can create a timeline or a sequence for the steps in repairing damage.
  7. Auto Service and Outdoor Power Equipment students can create a sequence for any repair work done in the shop.
  8. Legal/Medical students can create timelines and sequences for any office procedures.
  9. Electronics students can create sequences for building circuits or any other item.
  10. Cosmetology students can create a timeline for managing clients effectively to get their procedure done in the allotted amount of time or can create a sequence for any procedure.

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