Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The Internet security guy (he's great!) and I worked pretty diligently to get this app working through our filter and firewall. Now that it is accessible to both teachers and students, I am excited to start trying it out in the classroom! Vocaroo is a simple, yet powerful recording tool that is perfect for education because it does NOT require a login. You simply record and either email or embed the clip. It's as easy as that! While it is not as complex as tools such as Audacity, it will work in a pinch and when something simple is desired. You can share your Vocaroo in a few ways: by emailing the link, by embedding, or by downloading the file, but you need Quicktime 7 Pro to save the file.

Tech Tips

  1. The teacher can record and email/post directions or explanations for projects and assignments.
  2. The teacher can use this as a tool to communicate with students when there is a substitute.
  3. The students can create clips/mini podcasts that are posted to a class wiki/blog.

My Vocaroo:

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